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Wood Destroying Pests

In Southwest Florida, our homes are threatened by several types of wood destroying insects including:  Powderpost Beetles, Termites and Carpenter Ants. These wood destroying insects often go undetected, causing extensive damage to your home before evidence of their presence is known. Each type requires a unique treatment approach. If you suspect your home is infested with a wood destroying insect, call us today to schedule a Free Home Inspection.


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Common Wood Destroying Pests found in Southwest Florida

1.Powderpost & Ambrosia Beetles

Powderpost beetles are right behind termites when it comes to their ability to destroy wood. They are small beetles, measuring only 1/8-3/4 inch long. They get their name from what they leave behind when they burrow tunnels through wood. They turn the wood into a flour-like powder. They only go after unfinished wood, wood that is finished, stained, waxed or painted are immune from these beetles.

Bark and Ambrosia beetles bore holes into dying or dead trees. While these doesn’t exactly affect homes directly, they can contribute to major diseases in trees, causing a disruption to ecosystems and the loss of valuable wood and tree products.

2. Termites

There are many types of termites in Florida. They are divided into several categories:

  • Subterranean termites

  • Drywood termites

  • Dampwood termites

  • Higher termites

Some of these termite species are localized to certain parts of the states, concentrating in south Florida due to the climate in the area and others around the entire state.

3.Carpenter Ants

Don’t mistake carpenter ants for termites, they are very different. However, the way each of them destroys wood is still bad for your home. Carpenter ants don’t eat wood like termites do, instead they just burrow and make their nests inside of it. But this can still cause major issues for the wood in your home.

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